Launch of the RIA Torch Rifle at the Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo (TACS Expo) 2024

Armscor Global Defense Inc (AGDI) is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the RIA Torch Rifle (10.5) and (14.5), at the Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo (TACS Expo) 2024. This event will be held at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, from June 20 to 23, 2024.

The TACS Expo is a premier event for showcasing cutting-edge tactical, survival, and arms technology, and it provides the perfect platform for the introduction of the RIA Torch Rifle. This new rifle model combines state-of-the-art design with advanced functionality, offering superior performance for tactical operations and personal defense.

Key Features of the RIA Torch Rifle (10.5):

• Innovative Design: The  10.5 is engineered with a compact and lightweight frame, making it ideal for both tactical professionals and firearm enthusiasts.

• Enhanced Performance: Featuring a 10.5-inch barrel, the Torch Rifle is optimized for accuracy and reliability in various conditions.

• Versatility: Designed for versatility, the  10.5 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from close-quarters combat to long-range shooting.

• Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the Torch Rifle ensures long-lasting durability and dependable performance.

The RIA Torch Rifle (14.5) on the other hand comes with a 14.5-inch barrel.

Visitors to the TACS Expo can experience firsthand the advanced capabilities of the RIA Torch Rifle (10.5) and (14.5), at the Rock Island Armory booth. Our team of experts will be available to provide detailed demonstrations and answer any questions regarding the new rifle.

Event Details:

• Event: Tactical, Survival and Arms Expo (TACS Expo) 2024

• Dates: June 20 – 23, 2024

• Venue: Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

• Booth: Rock Island Armory