The Project Eight Initiative attends the 14th Philippine SME Business Expo 2024: Empowering Initiatives for Growth and Innovation

The 14th Philippine SME Business Expo 2024 was a hub of entrepreneurial energy and innovation, bringing together industry leaders, program leads, and aspiring entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities and foster collaboration. Among the attendees were key figures from the Project Eight Initiative, including Edwin “Daddy Ed” Coquilla for the Alternative Learning System (ALS), Vhincel Donn “Vhince” Polinag for Youth Leadership, Loreta “Lorence” Caburnay for Fashion For A Cause, Geeian “Ghie” Gambala for Mental Health, Michelle “Mitch” Velitario for Volunteerism and Rene “Rhen” Dimaano for Agriculture.

Throughout the expo, these program leads actively engaged with suppliers and exhibitors, seeking out new ideas, innovative products, and strategic partnerships to advance their respective initiatives. 

Edwin “Daddy Ed” Coquilla for Alternative Learning System (ALS) identified potential collaborations with suppliers offering educational materials and technology solutions tailored to ALS programs. Vhincel Donn “Vhince” Polinag for Youth Leadership explored avenues for empowering youth leaders and fostering leadership development initiatives. Loreta “Lorence” Caburnay for Fashion For A Cause engaged with suppliers offering eco-friendly materials, ethical production methods, and Fair Trade practices to support Fashion For A Cause’s sustainable fashion initiatives. Geeian “Ghie” Gambala for Mental Health connected with exhibitors offering mental health resources, counseling services, and technology-driven solutions to expand the reach and impact of mental health programs. Michelle “Mitch” Velitario connected with several organizations interested in forming partnerships to promote volunteer opportunities, and lastly, Rene “Rhen” Dimaano for Agriculture explored cutting-edge agricultural technologies, sustainable farming practices, and agri-business opportunities to enhance agricultural productivity and rural development.

Overall, the 14th Philippine SME Business Expo 2024 served as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, and growth, providing a platform for the Project Eight Initiative and other attendees to acquire new insights, forge valuable partnerships, and drive positive change in their respective fields.

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