Epson expands Large Format Technical Printer line with new SureColor T-series models engineered for utmost precision and productivity

Epson, a global leader in printing solutions, updates its current line of SureColor T-Series large-format technical printers with the launch of new models — the SC-T7730DL, SC-T7730DM, SC-T5730D, SC-T5730DM, SC-T3730D, SC-T3730DE, and SC-T3730E. The new models are in addition to the current SC-T7730D printer launched earlier in 2022. Developed with precision and efficiency in mind, the new models comprise of added and improved features to produce accurate prints securely and efficiently, to serve evolving corporate and government needs.

Advanced Performance with Superior Image Quality 

The next generation of SureColor T-Series printers boast a remarkable print speed of 23 seconds – the fastest speed in its class – to help businesses achieve greater productivity rates with every print. Businesses can also be assured of outstanding print quality as the all new SureColor T-Series models are equipped with Epson’s latest 2.64-inch PrecisionCore printhead, which provides outstanding image quality down to the finest details, through accurate plotting with high-precision line detail and minimum line widths as thin as 0.018mm.

To reduce downtime from media changes, the Epson SureColor SC-T7730D, SC-T7730DL, SC-T7730DM, SC-T5730D, SC-T5730DM, SC-T3730D, and SC-T3730DE all have a dual-roll function with auto-switching and a take-up reel for continuous high-volume printing. This ensures that print operations are not disrupted by roll changes, allowing for uninterrupted print production. The SureColor T-series printers also support poster board media and cut-sheet printing to facilitate optimized media handling. These low-maintenance functions help improve workflow efficiency, allowing businesses to allocate more time to important tasks.

The SC-T5730DM and SC-T7730DM also come with a multi-function capability for users to copy, enlarge, or digitize large documents of widths up to 36 inches, while also granting users the convenience to print and scan concurrently, and these 2 models boast the fastest scan speed in the SureColor T-series printers, at 4.5 ips in color, and 10 ips in mono. as compared to its predecessor, the SC-T5270/T7270 series, which has a 200dpi scan speed of 3.3ips in both color and mono. Scanning by software is now supported with Epson Scan 2 and Document Capture Pro workflow solutions for enhanced quality, convenience, and security.

The new SureColor T-series printers utilize Epson’s UltraChrome XD3 6-Color pigment ink set, which allows for vibrant colors and crisp lines on virtually any paper type. Coupled with its water, smudge, and fade resistant qualities, business owners can have a peace of mind when printing their collateral as the new SureColor T-series printers are designed for long-term usage in virtually any environment. The inclusion of red ink also allows users to print rich and vivid images with high color saturation, making it the ideal solution for Point-Of-Purchase (POP) signs, top-of-the-line professional posters, blueprints, and more.

To enable direct and hot-folder batch printing and support for secure PDF printing, the SC-T7730D, SC-T7730DL, SC-T7730DM, SC-T5730D, SC-T5730DM and SC-T3730D printers feature an Adobe embedded print engine for compatibility with Adobe PostScript[3]. They also allow for accurate reproduction of PDF files and detailed fine line printing of technical CAD documents and blueprints. Business owners can also consider the optional Raster Image Processor (RIP) software, Epson Edge Print – a user-friendly, one-stop solution guaranteed to provide the best print output with excellent colour accuracy. 

Sustainable Packaging with User-friendly Design  

The updated line of SureColor T-series printers spots a sleek flat-top design with a small footprint to support a variety of modular workplace arrangements. Moreover, with full-frontal operations and a robust design that helps protect the printer from water spillages, users can readily adjust their settings and check on the ink tray with ease. 

To provide improved functionality, the new SureColor T-series printers utilize an optional solid-state drive (SSD) to support the printing of complex jobs and enable storage capability to store jobs for printing at a later time. Flexible placement of the printers is also possible due to its Wi-Fi printing capability, with Wi-Fi direct allowing for up to eight devices to connect to the printers without the use of a router. Users can also print directly from USB memory devices or mobile applications, such as the Epson Smart Panel, using a mobile device. 

With increasing focus on sustainable solutions, the SC-T7730DL enables its users with an eco-friendly printing solution, as it is the first model in the market to adopt a Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS). This greatly reduces the environmental burden of recycling and logistics to aid businesses in better meeting their environmental targets. This system uses 1600ml ink packs instead of the traditional high yield 700ml ink cartridges, promoting efficiency by reducing the frequency of ink replacement. Furthermore, the larger ink packs cater to high print volume users by facilitating continuous printing without interruptions. Moreover, as less plastic is used per ink pack as compared to ink cartridges, it also represents a more environmentally viable option for businesses. 

Robust Security Features

The new SureColor T-series printers meets major security requirements with authentication printing and encrypted SSD for uncompromised security management. With the self-encrypting SSD, users can enjoy improved performance and handling of large print data. The 960GB additional storage memory allows the capability to create folders for PC-less production printing with its data secured by AES-256 and protected by a TPM chip. Users can also opt to set up password protection for specific folders in the in-built storage. Users can further enhance their security through authentication with Epson Print Admin solutions or integrate third-party solutions with Epson Open Platform. With access to a myriad of Epson services and solutions, users can track and manage their devices with the Epson Device Admin and LFP Accounting Tool, or through cloud with Epson Cloud Solution PORT, in a safe and secure manner.

“The new additions to the SureColor T-series printers are designed to help businesses boost efficiency and security, while reducing downtime in today’s hybrid workplace. With the functional flat-top design and added security functions, multi-function capabilities, as well as sustainable features in our SC-T7730DL, the new printers exemplify Epson’s desire to provide solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.” said Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines.

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