Real Chicken, Real Talk: Potato Corner’s New Crunchy Chicken Pops Might Just Be Your Newest Favorite Merienda

Bite-sized crunchy chicken goodness coated with your favorite Potato Corner flavors

Potato Corner, Pinoys’ beloved merienda corner and provider of the best-flavored fries in town, just dropped their new Crunchy Chicken Pops. 

Picture this: a bite-sized slice of real whole chicken meat, fried into crunchy perfection and evenly coated with your favorite Potato Corner flavors. That is Potato Corner’s #PangmalakasangMerienda, Crunchy Chicken Pops. 

You can enjoy Crunchy Chicken Pops as a solo snack but it is also best paired with a hearty portion of freshly cooked Potato Corner fries. If that’s not a Pangmalakasang Merienda for you, we don’t know what is!

To prove that Potato Corner’s new Crunchy Chicken Pops is made of real whole chicken meat, they consulted a native speaker and used a lie detector test. Meet Jennylyn, Potato Corner’s most authentic and honest chicken*. Watch the video here –

You can now buy the new Crunchy Chicken Pops in most Potato Corner branches nationwide.

To learn more about Potato Corner’s Crunchy Chicken Pops, visit their social media pages or website.

*No animals were harmed in the making of the video.