Revitalize Your Ride: Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Safe and Superior Performance

Whether you’ve recently acquired a brand-new car or have been driving the same ride for an extended period, prioritizing regular checks is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s performance. After all, your car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s an extension of your life and a key factor in ensuring your safety. 

Delving into proper car maintenance can be a bit overwhelming; that is why Prestone, a proven and trusted quality brand of Auto Care fluids since 1927, shares some essential car care tips that you can take note of to ensure your ride is always in its tip-top shape. 

Regular fluid check-ups for a superior engine performance. Break the habit of only checking your car when it’s in poor condition. Even if your vehicle seems fine, routine engine inspections can reveal potential issues before they become major problems. Begin with basics like checking engine oil regularly. Monitor levels of transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, top up as needed for smooth system function. However, don’t solely rely on DIY checks; enlist a certified car mechanic for comprehensive examinations or car repair. 

If you are looking for the perfect brake fluid for your car, you can invest on a high-quality one like Prestone’s DOT 3 or DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid. It has superior braking power, a high boiling point, and is safe on rubber cups and seals. The brake fluid will maintain optimal braking performance and safety, keeping your car at its optimal performance.  

Check the tires and battery. Proper tire and battery maintenance are vital for optimal vehicle performance and safety. Regularly check and maintain tire pressure to enhance fuel efficiency and prevent uneven tire wear. Rotate tires at intervals for even wear, prolonging their lifespan and improving overall performance. 

When it comes to batteries, inspect for corrosion on terminals, which can hinder electricity flow. Clean terminals with a mixture of baking soda and water using a wire brush for optimal conductivity. Proactively replace old batteries, as their ability to hold a charge diminishes after three to five years. Don’t wait until you’re stranded with a dead battery – replace it promptly to keep your car running smoothly. 

Keep your car running optimally. Regularly check and top up the coolant following your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations to help avoid costly repairs down the road. 

Choose our most advanced coolant — Prestone Car-Specific Coolant with Cor-Guard anti-corrosion technology. Right color. Right formula. Compatible with your car. Best protection ever. Only Prestone provides this level of protection and technology. 

The Car-Specific Coolant 1L is available in RED, BLUE, and GREEN color variants.  

  • RED COOLANT: For all Toyota®, Lexus®, and Scion® vehicles, all years 
  • BLUE COOLANT: For all Honda®, Nissan®, Subaru® vehicles, pre-2009 to 2011 & Newer 
  • GREEN COOLANT: For all Suzuki®, Hyundai®, KIA®, Mazda® Mitsubishi®, Isuzu® vehicles, pre-2009 to 2011 & Newer 

Use car care products that are high-quality and genuine. Subpar or counterfeit car care products may offer initial savings but can result in unforeseen complications, such as engine damage, cooling or braking system issues which can lead to accidents and/or costly repairs down the road. Prestone emphasizes the use of genuine products designed with precision to meet your vehicle’s specific needs, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance, whether it’s engine oil, coolant, or brake fluid. 

To avoid falling victim to fake products, follow the 3Ps for protection: 

  • Packaging: Be cautious about flimsy packaging with wrong foil text, cap logo, batch code and spelling. 
  • Price: Significantly cheaper products are likely fake compared to genuine Prestone products. 
  • Place: Purchase only from official Prestone partner stores and auto-supply shops nationwide, including Clorox Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee

These reminders not only save potential costs but also saves lives. Para sa totoong proteksyon, use genuine Prestone products only.  

Regular car maintenance is the key to keeping your ride in top-notch condition. By following these essential tips and incorporating genuine Prestone products into your routine, you’ll not only ensure your car’s optimal performance but also enhance your driving pleasure on the next coming years.  

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