Rhian Ramos steps into YOU as the first local beauty ambassador, following global ambassador Kim Soo Hyun

Flawless and radiant skin is the beauty asset many work hard for. For celebrities with busy schedules and countless modeling gigs, their beauty regimens are their best-kept secrets to glowing, healthy, and beautiful skin. However, it’s not every day that fans get access to this, but luckily, Filipina actress and model Rhian Ramos has finally revealed her own skin secrets for the public to take inspiration from.

Known for her timeless beauty and grace, this Filipino celebrity is well loved for staying authentic while constantly reinventing herself in a fast- paced world. Rhian shared her morning routine, which she described as ‘simple’ but very important. “I just rinse my face with water and pat dry with a paper towel, and then apply Y.O.U. Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum and sunscreen,” she said. Her cherished secret – Y.O.U. Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum – is all she needs to achieve a plump, hydrated, and supple beauty look once she leaves her home for a busy day ahead.

When work ends, Rhian ensures her skin is rid of all pollutants, dirt, and impurities accumulated during her day. “In the evening I deep clean my face making sure there’s no makeup left, then pat dry it with a paper towel, and apply the same serum before going to bed,” Rhian added, making sure Y.O.U. Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum is still a part of her evening routine for maximum effectiveness.

Her simple but impactful skin regimen was not easy to build at first. When she first started her skincare routine, she used to separately layer her skin with a niacinamide booster, hyaluronic serum, and vitamin C booster. Her multi-step regimen was difficult to follow because of her hectic schedule and constant travels – until she discovered the Y.O.U. Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum, which combines all those three skin-loving properties into one potent, easy-to-apply serum.

“When I started using Y.O.U. Beauty Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum, I found it to be much more hydrating than my old hyaluronic acid. Plus, it has Sakura Extract which is an ingredient I did not think of before,” Rhian said. “It perfectly pairs with the Niacinamide & Vitamin C to achieve glowy and supple skin, and calm my redness.”                                     

The serum is formulated by Y.O.U. in partnership with Japanese cosmetic research and developer expert Tadahiro Shimada specifically for Southeast Asian skin that is constantly exposed to tropical weather and is likely to be sensitive, oily, or a combination of both skin types. Through the power of Mizu Glow Technology, the serum enables celebrities like Rhian Ramos achieve skin glass skin by minimizing pores, softening the skin, and brightening dark spots.

For Rhian, at the end of the day, the most important thing about a skincare regimen is one that really works for her everyday schedule and lifestyle. “A skin that is soft, smooth and plump is one that works for my lifestyle. The Niacinamide and Sakura Extract make me confident that my skin barrier is strong and protected from pollutants (cause I’m a city girl).”

Y.O.U. Beauty Radiance Glow is now available for Php 499 in official Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok shops of Y.O.U. and select Watsons, SM Beauty, Robinsons Department Stores, Gaisano Capital Group, Prince Retail Group, KCC, Mart One, and The Landmark. Follow @youbeauty_ph on Instagram and TikTok, and @youbeautyph on Facebook for more skin solutions and skin secrets.