Singapore Diagnostics wins Healthcare Asia Awards for trailblazing initiatives

Singapore Diagnostics (SGD), one of the largest medical laboratories in the Philippines, was recently recognized by the prestigious Healthcare Asia Awards as the “Diagnostics Provider of the Year”. The awards program distinguishes healthcare institutions throughout Asia for their remarkable achievements in healthcare.

SGD president and CEO Ritche D. Evidente with the SGD team

With the theme “Recognizing Trailblazing Initiatives in the Healthcare Sector”, this year’s Healthcare Asia Awards gives recognition to healthcare institutions that rose to the challenge of the massive disruption post-pandemic. This year’s edition of the awards program deliberated on the performances of healthcare institutions across the region, over the past 24 months, for their innovation and reinvented initiatives to better serve patients and protect workers. The healthcare institutions were then made to identify the challenges encountered and solutions implemented. Finally, they were asked what unique and innovative solutions they introduced to overcome these challenges. The panel lauded SGD for demonstrating success amidst the challenges in quality, access, and skills facing the industry.

“We are further encouraged to continue our programs to improve accessibility and affordability, improve quality, and continue with training and development of Filipino lab scientists

SGD was joined by other awardees from all over Asia in 27 categories.

SGD is also listed in this year’s Philippine Growth Champions by international market research firm Statista, which comprises the top 25 businesses that have significantly contributed to the fast-paced growth and business climate in the Philippines. 

Last year, SGD, which is a subsidiary of Pathology Asia (PAH), one of Southeast Asia’s large medical diagnostic groups with laboratory, genomic, and digital health operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia, also received its re-accreditation from the prestigious College of American Pathologists. SGD has been CAP Accredited since 2019, just one of the few international laboratories to receive this distinction.

Since its establishment in late 2013 in the Philippines, SGD has been processing laboratory requirements for over 600 hospitals, clinics, labs, and healthcare institutions in the country. Serving up to 50,000 patients every month and running up to 3.5 million laboratory examinations a year.

The company also serves as the training ground for Filipino medical technologists and clinicians who are now working in top hospitals and health institutions all over the world.