Even in this modern age and time, the stigma of hair loss or having alopecia is still predominant. The definition of beauty is still being dictated by society. We live in a society where hair is considered our crowning glory. So, what happens with people who are experiencing hair loss? Their world becomes smaller, and their quality of life diminishes.  

Diana Rose is an ordinary person who experienced alopecia areata because of stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Diana Rose reached the peak of feeling ashamed and disgusted with how she looked when a close friend ridiculed her for being bald. She felt alone and rejected. Diana Rose consulted with a local dermatologist, but the high cost of medications combined with her fear of experiencing side effects led her to ask for an alternative. Diana Rose then discovered Regroe Minoxidil. She used Regroe Minoxidil together with Pregroe 4 in One Hair Thickening Shampoo for two months. True to its claim, Regroe Minoxidil has brought back not just Diana Rose’s hair but also her self-confidence.


DR. VINSON B. PINEDA, FAAD, recognized as the “Father of Philippine Dermatology,” is the Chief Dermatologist and Founder of Dermclinic. Dr. Pineda is the pioneer in the hair regrowth industry in the Philippines. He was one of the first Dermatologists to introduce Modern Hair Transplant Surgery in the Philippines. One of Dr. Vinson Pineda’s greatest milestones is that he developed the groundbreaking product—Regroe Minoxidil. Regroe Minoxidil is the first and only FDA approved and world-recognized topical hair restorer drug scientifically proven to effectively combat hair loss. It stimulates the re-growth of hair in three ways.

  1. Regroe Minoxidil increases the size of blood vessels around the hair follicles. This process promotes better oxygen and nutrition absorption of hair follicles.
  2. Regroe Minoxidil stimulates the hair matrix cells to divide and multiply to produce longer and thicker hair.
  3. Regroe Minoxidil suppresses androgen action, the main cause of baldness.

Regroe Minoxidil has significantly improve the quality of life of people who are suffering from hair loss. But Dr. Vinson Pineda does not stop from there. Dr. Pineda’s desire is to continue to Regroe Our Confidence.

Tonight’s event will focus on encouraging and empowering people suffering from Alopecia. It is our goal to let them know that they are not alone in this battle. We want them to feel safe knowing that there is a cure for their hair loss problems. We want them to be secure knowing that there are doctors who understand them and who genuinely want to help them. We want them to hear from Dr. Vinson Pineda, and be inspired that the future is still bright even with the current situation they are in.