Epson Philippines underscores commitment to help businesses shift toward a more productive, reliable, and sustainable future

Global technology leader introduces its all-star lineup of products that are better for the environment and for business

Over the course of the past decade, the need for more innovative solutions to address demands of modern businesses has rapidly increased. There is also a renewed pressure on corporations to hold themselves accountable, be transparent with consumers, and offer more sustainable solutions, further stressing the importance of innovation to address both the business demand and the need to have the least possible impact on the environment.

Epson Philippines’ President and Director Masako Kusama, the first female Japanese country manager across Epson’s global operations, welcomes the media attendees of
Epson’s Fusion 13 Lite at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

In the recently concluded Fusion—the 13th iteration of the annual media event hosted by Epson—the global technology leader in innovative solutions drummed up excitement as it shared its extensive range of products and assured that businesses can be a step ahead on the demands of both the present and the future while still being sustainable.

“Epson aspires to be an indispensable company,” said newly appointed Epson Philippines President and Director Masako Kusama, as she welcomed media attendees to the first face-to-face Fusion since 2019. “We work hard to be trusted throughout the world by staying true to our commitment to openness, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.”

Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines, officially opens Epson’s annual media event by introducing the company’s new president and director.

“Our strong stance on creating the least possible impact on the environment is rooted in our belief of ‘Better Products for a Better Future’,” said Eduardo Bonoan, General Manager of Marketing Division at Epson Philippines. “Planning for the future demands a strong commitment toward environmental conservation and protection, and this is why we strive to create innovative, reliable, recyclable, and energy-efficient products,” he added.

With a rich history in innovation, Epson’s extensive portfolio boils down to three key technologies: 1) PrecisionCore printhead technology for heat-free printing; 2) 3LCD Liquid Crystal technology for more brilliant images; 3) and Force Sensor technology for robotics. These technologies are well-integrated into everything Epson develops, ensuring high quality and performance, adaptability, and efficiency down to the very last detail.

Thea Maria Austria, Epson Philippines’ Department Manager for Corporate Commercial and Industrial Product Management, talks about the wide range of applications of Epson’s SureColor signage printers.

High quality solutions for business

It is no secret that Epson is a leader in the printing industry. As the bestselling printer brand in ASEAN, the company has developed an extensive portfolio of different printer models to suit every business need and customer requirements—from output as large as outdoor signage and vehicle wraps, down to smaller creations such as fine art and stickers—whatever the application, Epson has it covered.

“Our printers are engineered to excel in in image quality, productivity, and reliability,” said Bonoan. “These are the main reasons why Epson is the leading and most preferred brand when it comes to printing solutions.”

To ensure that its printers are performing at their best and that no detail is missed, Epson  Genuine Inks were carefully produced following the most stringent quality control standard to deliver high-quality prints with consistent and long-lasting brilliance. 

“It has always made perfect sense to use Epson Genuine Inks,” said Bonoan. “Paired with our award-winning print heads, our customers and partners alike are assured that they get the same consistency and ink yields as expected, down to the last drop.”

Sustainability at the core of Epson’s technology

For nearly four decades, Epson has been at the forefront of printing technology. The market leader continually seeks to find new ways to innovate and meet the ever-changing market demands.

Now more than ever, the company is focused on creating an environmentally sustainable future through its efficient, compact, and precise technologies in its printers and projectors.

“Through Epson’s heat-free technology, our inkjet printers shorten the printing process by removing the stages that use heat. Not only do we reduce power consumption, but we also save time with efficient high-speed printing. At the end of the day, we are able to bank on productivity, as well as deliver value by reducing environmental impact and creating a sustainable printing ecosystem,” said Bonoan.

“Moreover, Epson’s innovative 3LCD technology allows our laser projectors to deliver vibrant, true-to-live images with higher color brightness and wider color spectrum, but utilize fewer watts and ultimately reduce energy consumption. No mercury is used in the production, which avoids the use and disposal of five lamps throughout the product’s lifespan, significantly reducing environmental impact,” he added.

“By focusing on the details that can make a world of difference, we want to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to sustainability,” said Kusama.

Innovative solutions for the Next Normal

As the world continues to reopen, the hybrid set-up is likely to become the new normal for majority of the sectors. Epson offers a wide range of solutions to help consumers adapt to the world post-pandemic—from Epson’s Hyflex Solution for learning institutions to computer-aided design (CAD) printers for technical professionals.

For education, Epson is big on details to inspire learning discovery. Its Hyflex Classroom solution is designed to accommodate the simultaneous teaching of in-person and online students. The classroom setup puts Epson’s visual products at the forefront: interactive projectors as the interactive display for convenient annotation and collaboration between teacher and students; a document camera as a visualizer tool for sharing physical materials that cannot be digitized; an entry projector to monitor online attendees; and a multi-function printer to directly print lessons with the annotations from the projector.

Meanwhile, Epson also offers collaborative solutions to businesses who are adapting a hybrid work arrangement moving forward. Whether one is working from home or printing out documents to take to a job site, Epson offers a variety of desktop and floor-standing CAD technical printers that are appropriately sized, scaled, and priced for small office use, including multifunction printers with built-in scanners to archive, share, and copy large documents.

“With hybrid life likely to become the new normal, having the flexibility is an essential,” said Bonoan. “Our wide range of solutions aims to help our consumers adapt more quickly without losing productivity and collaboration.”