DEM DAYZ’ Young Blood Neet x Flow G OUT NOW!

Young Blood Neet and Flow G look back to the early days of their career in Dem Dayz, starting with nothing but a dream and now being emerging and relevant artists; Flow G being one of YB Neet’s dream collaborators.

The two rap about sacrificing comfort and familiarity, and working with hustle and hardships, to reach their rap dreams.

Young Blood Neet or YB Neet is the up-and-coming rookie in the Philippine hip-hop scene, recognized for his flow and lyricism.

Two years into his career, YB is now a sought-after collaborator amongst top hip-hop artists, with his latest Dem Dayz, featuring Flow G, and his newly-released collaboration with Omar Baliw, Di Matangay.

His groundbreaking single, Balaclava, is now at 800k+ streams on digital and is continuously gaining traction four months post-release.

With a volume-shooting mindset, YB Neet is dead set in leaving his mark in the music scene and building his best year yet.