LG Spearheads Less Carbon Everyday Challenge

Summer has started, but the heat has been noticeably getting hotter and hotter each year. Climate change is a real and indisputable fact. We all have to proactively do our part in order to make a change for the better.

LG Philippines recently launched its latest campaign dubbed as “Less Carbon Everyday Challenge” to promote thoughtful living and inspire consumers to take small steps for a better tomorrow. The eco-responsible campaign aims to raise awareness on global warming and climate change and offers helpful tips on how to reduce carbon emissions with LG’s advanced residential air conditioners. The #LessCarbonEverydayChallenge campaign encourages everyone to take part in solving the issue of global warming by adopting small changes to reduce their household carbon and energy footprints.

Kicking off the campaign is an uplifting video where the simple act of raising an air conditioner’s temperature by one degree creates a ‘Butterfly Effect’ that positively impacts many people’s lives – suggesting that even the smallest of actions can make a big difference in addressing the climate crisis. Along with the video, visitors to the campaign website can check out LG’s expert tips for reducing carbon emissions at home, take interactive quizzes on saving energy, and explore the company’s latest range of eco-conscious air conditioners.

Raising the set temperature of one’s air conditioner to between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius can benefit the planet while still providing a comfortable indoor environment. LG’s residential air conditioners are designed with both comfort and sustainability in mind, using up to 70 percent less energy and providing faster cooling than conventional models thanks to the company’s incredible DUAL Inverter Compressor. Furthermore, the latest LG air conditioners ensure clean and fresh airflow with the AirCare Complete System, a multi-stage system that keeps the indoor unit optimally clean inside so that users can enjoy clean air in the home.

LG Philippines Managing Director Sungjae Kim discusses the spirit of the campaign, saying “We made our air-conditioning technology as efficient as possible so you can make a small change without sacrificing comfort. While this change might seem miniscule, we believe that a small action for a better tomorrow is the right mindset to take to move forward and create bigger ripples that lead to lasting and impactful change.”

For the #LessCarbonEverydayChallenge, users are encouraged to post and exchange tips, tricks, and other routines to lessen carbon emissions and consumption everyday. Two winners, one from Facebook and another from Instagram, will win an LG Window Type Inverter Aircon each. You can register your entry or read more information about the challenge at www.lgpromoregistration.ph. Promo runs from April 27 to June 8, 2022. Join the #LessCarbonEverydayChallenge today! Your ideas can make a big difference for a better tomorrow.​