Lycan Motorcycles, Philippine-based motorcycle and technoloagy startup company unveils G6

Lycan Motorcycles, a Philippine-based motorcycle and technology startup company, has unveiled its first motorcycle prototype called “G6,” which is a unique sports touring style that integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and internet of things.

In December of 2021, Lycan made rounds online when it first presented its motorcycle concepts and early prototypes through a virtual event which garnered the company its fair share of skepticism and support from many netizens.

But just recently, the Quezon City-based startup presented a more refined working prototype through their Transcend 2022 event, a month-long series of presentations to showcase its concept models and technologies. Currently, the G6 is still under development in preparation for its intended production which the startup hopes to begin later this year, where they are developing its line of hybrid engines consisting of hydrogen fuel cell and gasoline. The company has stated that they are working to release an 400cc expressway-legal motorcycle as its entry-level compared to their initial announcement of releasing the G6 300cc engine, paired with the 650cc and all-electric variants of the G6 model.

In terms of design, Lycan’s motorcycles expresses a unique approach with their models, akin to a more forward-looking aesthetics that can be compared to the cyberpunk-ish Akira bike from the Japanese 1988 anime sci-fi film “Akira” which the company suggests as a “peek into the future.”

To let people see the Lycan prototypes up close, the company is doing a caravan tour within Metro Manila and a series of test drives in the coming weeks to allow motorcycle enthusiasts and riders feel and experience riding a Lycan.

Target retail price for the G6 400cc is at P179,999 while the 650cc is at P294,999. Reservations for the G6 are now available for just P9,850 and P19,720, respectively, where you can place a reservation at