Cecilia P. Ventura of Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan was an overseas Filipino worker for twenty years who decided to come home to the Philippines and start practicing her original profession of architecture. This devout and spiritually-minded woman decided to invest in a plot of land that would soon turn into a successful venture with Alfamart.

Ventura was familiar with the brand of stores as they were all over Jakarta, Indonesia, which was one of the places she worked in. However, she did not rush into the partnership lightly. After weighing all her options and seeking guidance for almost a whole year, she finally saw that leasing her land to Alfamart, and partnering with them, was a wise and solid decision.

Today, an Alfamart proudly stands on Cagayan Valley Road, Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan. The partnership has brought more than just a sound financial investment into her portfolio. “I can say that having Alfamart near my place is a great improvement,” Ventura enthused, “as it lit up the area, which was otherwise dark, especially at night.”

She went on to say that Alfamart saved her time and gasoline, as she could purchase what she needed from somewhere close by rather than driving far away. “I also observed that it greatly helps our community in Sta Rita, Guiguinto to have a twenty-four hour super minimart within walking distance.”

“It is because of our partners like Ms. Cecilia that we are able to help uplift the communities around the country,” said Alfamart COO, Harvey T. Ong. “We are extremely grateful for the chance to grow our advocacy of community development in areas outside of Metro Manila,” he added

Ong also mentioned that Alfamart is looking for more partners as it continues to expand. “We are always searching for opportunities to bring the Super Minimart experience to everyone in the Philippines,” Ong continued. “We currently have around 900 stores nationwide, and we intend to open a lot more. All we’re looking for are the right partners to help us grow.” he concluded.

Ms. Ventura’s successful venture would not have come to pass without ample guidance and discernment on her end. A partnership with Alfamart could be a successful venture for you as well. For more information on how to become an Alfamart partner and/or lessor, you may visit https://alfamart.com.ph/do-business-with-us/.