Easy ways to make your bathroom look stylish and luxurious

A beautiful bathroom should make you feel relaxed, comfortable and luxurious. Although interior design is one important factor, knowing that your bathroom is absolutely hygienic and spotlessly clean is another key to creating a feeling of utmost comfort and self-indulgence. 

American Standard, the famous, innovative bathroom and kitchen fixture manufacturer, shares tips on how to give your bathroom that pleasurable and luxurious feel:

Tip #1: Utilize your wall.

Don’t limit your bathroom to flat walls! Add a touch of dimension to it by installing functional but decorative shelves to store your towels, extra toilet paper rolls, candles, and other bathroom essentials.

Tip #2: Use big mirrors.

Big mirrors create an optical illusion of a bigger space. The trick is to strategically place your mirror across from your window. Doing so will make your room visually seem like you have two windows.

Tip #3: Choose light color palettes

When it comes to bathroom interiors, color schemes can make a difference. Sticking to light color palettes such as white, cream, yellow, and beige can make your bathroom look larger. Add value and depth to your bathroom by adding little accessories in dark hues.

Tip #4: Allow natural light

The darker a small room, the more confined and uninviting it may look. Small bathrooms will have a roomier and airy ambience when windows are added to allow natural light to come in.

Tip #5: Invest in innovative and trendy fixtures

To achieve your ideal bathroom, invest in fixtures that are not only innovative and stylish but also ensures your safety. Begin with American Standard’s HygieneClean System delivered by its powerful flushing technologies: Siphonmax, a dynamic vacuum mechanism with side water jets that create a powerful swirl, and a lower jet that removes both heavy and light waste completely; Double Vortex with maximum flushing performance, yet with minimum water usage. It also features the cutting-edge innovation of Aqua Ceramic which prevents dirt and dark ring stains to stick to ceramic surfaces, and Comfort Clean, a revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that effectively kills E. coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl for the long term and beyond.

Tip #6: Work with vertical designs

Emphasize on height by accessorizing your bathroom with vertical-striped decorations. This type of pattern makes ceilings appear higher and create a visual impression of more space.

Having a spacious and stylish bathroom is now made achievable by following these tips from American Standard.

For more information on HygieneClean, visit your nearest American Standard retailer where brand ambassadors will help you learn more about how it can ensure bathroom safety in your home.