At-home Detection Saves Lives: Hypertension is Manageable if Caught Early

Half of the 12 million hypertensive Filipinos are unaware of their condition and the threat it poses, according to a survey by the Department of Health[1]. Hypertension-related complications cause the death of 120,000 Filipinos annually, making hypertension the leading cause of illness and mortality in the Philippines.

In many cases, hypertension is hereditary. Individuals with hypertensive parents have a higher risk of acquiring the condition, especially if both parents are affected. The risk is also high for individuals who lead an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. Dubbed as the silent killer, hypertension is not an illness in itself, but it could lead to serious complications, even death, if left unmanaged.

Early Detection Starts at Home

Measuring blood pressure regularly at home makes prevention easier not only for the 28 percent of Filipino adults who are hypertensive, but also for everyone who could potentially develop the condition.

Early detection is key to managing high blood pressure, avoiding unnecessary expensive tertiary care and saving lives. This should start at the comfort of the home where preventive measures, continuous care and intervention can be done by families and individuals.

Blood pressure self-monitoring at home lets users check and record their readings without having to go to a clinical setup, which comes with an extra cost. The relaxed setting also reduces the incidence of white coat and masked hypertension, conditions wherein the blood pressure readings are influenced by the environment.

Constant and accurate home monitoring prevents high blood pressure from developing into a more serious health condition and helps doctors closely keep track of the patient’s condition.

Regular Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

OMRON Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of health equipment for home and medical uses, makes blood pressure home monitoring easier with its latest innovative wrist blood pressure monitors.


The HEM-6232T uses Bluetooth connectivity to make health tracking simpler and easier. Integrating the OMRON Healthcare’s promise of accuracy, quality and ease of use, the HEM-6232T lets users access their data anywhere, get detailed visual insights, track health progress and manage their lifestyle via the BP Diary. The wrist-type BP monitor, with the flexible cuff type and 100 memory, makes measuring, synching and sharing of readings convenient via the Omron Connect app.  The OMRON Connect app assists users in recording, viewing and managing their health data with just a few taps on their smartphone.


The HEM-6181 ensures convenient blood pressure monitoring with its advanced measurement posture-guide-sensor to ensure the user’s arm is at the proper angle for an accurate and precise reading. The portable wrist blood pressure monitor also comes with body movement detection, hypertension indicator and irregular heartbeat detection. It features 60 sets of measurement and an Intelliwrap cuff for reliable readings anywhere.


The HEM-6161 is the perfect wrist blood pressure monitor for an on-the-go lifestyle. With 30 sets of measurement and Intelliwrap, this clinically validated device is built to detect irregular heartbeat and loaded by cuff wrap guidelines to ensure continuous proper blood pressure readings.

They newly launched OMRON digital home blood pressure monitors are available in major drugstores such as Watsons, Southstar and Rose Pharmacy. Online shoppers may also purchase the devices through the official OMRON online stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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