Indulge in the Ultimate Chocolate Experience with Seattle’s Best Coffee and Ghirardelli

Embark on a rich and delectable journey with the newest sensation from Seattle’s Best Coffee: The Premium Chocolate Collection made with Ghirardelli. This exquisite collection promises to leave chocolate lovers craving more, offering a luxurious blend of two iconic brands renowned for their commitment to quality and exceptional taste.

Ghirardelli, a name synonymous with premium chocolate for nearly two centuries, brings its expertise and celebrated heritage to this collaboration. Known worldwide for producing top-quality chocolate, Ghirardelli’s legacy is one of creating delightfully sweet memories for both connoisseurs and those with a sweet tooth.

Seattle’s Best Coffee proudly introduces this legacy in an exciting, limited time offer available in three irresistible variants: Hot Chocolate, Iced Chocolate, and Chocolate Milkshake. Each beverage is meticulously crafted with Ghirardelli chocolate to elevate the chocolate experience to new heights.

Discover the Collection:

Hot Chocolate made with Ghirardelli

A heartwarming beverage featuring Ghirardelli chocolate, white chocolate sauce, and milk, all garnished with marshmallows. This comforting drink is perfect for cozy moments.

Iced Chocolate made with Ghirardelli

A refreshing treat combining Ghirardelli chocolate, white chocolate sauce, ice, and milk. Ideal for a cool, indulgent escape.

Chocolate Milkshake made with Ghirardelli

An irresistible ice-blended beverage crafted with Ghirardelli chocolate, milk, and chocolate ice cream, topped with a dash of Ghirardelli powder and marshmallows. This decadent shake is a must-try for chocolate enthusiasts.

Each sip tells a wonderful story, perfect for sharing with friends and family. Available for dine-in, take-out, pick-up, and delivery through GrabFood and Foodpanda, enjoying this premium collection has never been easier.

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