Comfort meets savings with Beko’s energy-efficient appliances as your trusted companion, rain or shine

Weather fluctuations, sudden power outages, and extreme temperatures affect electricity usage, prompting households to balance comfort while managing energy costs.

Beko, one of the leading European appliance brands, offers efficient solutions to this challenge. Beko’s innovative line of refrigerators and air conditioners have 5-star rating based on the energy label and energy-efficient rating by the Department of Energy. The star rating corresponds to the product’s energy efficiency which ranges from one to five. The higher the number, the more efficient the appliance is.

Beko appliances offer both impeccable style and exceptional performance, all while helping to reduce energy costs and providing reliable operation, no matter the weather. With ProSmart inverter technology, Beko refrigerators enable you to save on energy and costs without sacrificing performance.

The RDSO308K30PPH is a 10.7 cu. ft. inverter top mount freezer refrigerator that only consumes 24.6 kWh/month. Based on the Department of Energy’s computation, the estimated energy consumption cost for this appliance is only PHP 246/month. This refrigerator has a reversible door that makes it convenient to access even in limited spaces, while the Prosmart Inverter technology allows it to quickly adapt to temperature fluctuations for faster yet energy-saving cooling.

Beko’s RDNT401E50VZGB has an estimated energy consumption cost of PHP 300/month based on DOE’s computation. This 13.2 cu. ft. 2-door top freezer only consumes 30.00 kWh/month and has powerful features such as EverFresh+ that minimizes condensation in the crisper, NeoFrost Dual Cooling that prevents frost buildup and transfer of odors, and the innovative HarvestFresh technology that mimics the 24-hour sun-cycle inside the crisper to preserve vitamins for longer.

Meanwhile, the GNO563E50HFKPH is a 18.8 cu. ft. side by side door refrigerator with an estimated cost of PHP 438/month based on 43.80 kWh/month energy consumption. Aside from the EverFresh+, HarvestFresh, and NeoFrost Dual Cooling, this model also has Quick cool and Quick freeze options powered by an energy-saving Prosmart Inverter technology.

Beko air conditioners have a 5-star rating, which is a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing long-term savings for its customers. They also feature the innovative ProSmart Inverter technology, which allows the compressor speed to be adjusted according to your comfort needs, ensuring optimal efficiency.

The BPVOW 090 has an estimated energy consumption cost of only PHP 1,161/month based on DOE’s computation. This 1HP window-type air conditioner has 2.5kW cooling capacity, a Super Mode feature but with less energy consumption, and a Sleep Mode to regulate temperature for cozier rest.

For even powerful performance, the BPVOW 120 is a 1.5HP window-type inverter with 3.34kW cooling capacity. This model has Jet Cool for rapid yet energy-saving cooling for sudden humid afternoons, giving an estimated cost of only PHP 1,431/month based on 143.10 kWh/month consumption from DOE’s computation

There’s always a Beko air conditioner for any space or need. Heavy on performance, but not on energy consumption, these air conditioners are also powered by ProSmart Inverter and cost-efficient features such as Go Clean Function for low regular maintenance and improved air quality and the Jet Cool feature for instant cooling. 

With BSEOG 090/BSEOG 091the estimated cost is only PHP 731.70/month based on the computation of the Department of Energy. It is a 1HP split-type inverter air conditioner with a 2.6kW cooling capacity which only consumes 73.17 kWh/month. Meanwhile, the BSEOG 120/BSEOG 121 is a 1.5 HP, split type air conditioner that has 3.5kW cooling capacity but only consumes 109.89 kWh/month; giving an estimated total energy consumption cost of PHP 1,098.90. Lastly, BSEOG 180/ BSEOG 181 is a 2HP split-type aircon that provides quick and efficient cooling with 5.2kW cooling capacity that only consumes 202.37 kWh/month or an estimated energy consumption cost of PHP 2,023.65/month.

Whether you are looking for a new appliance that will be as hardworking as you, or you want to make your home more energy-efficient, achieve a cool and collected Beko “State of Mind” with 5-star rating appliances that powers and cools the home.

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