Stand Up for Filipino Teachers: Cerebro Invites the Public to Advocate for Teacher Empowerment and Sign the Petition

In the Philippines, the dedication and hard work of our teachers are invaluable to the growth and development of our students. However, the struggles faced by Filipino teachers in meeting the needs of their students have far-reaching consequences on our educational system, our children, and the future of our nation. Cerebro, an ed-tech company whose very reason for being is to help address this critical issue, invites the public to join their advocacy for optimal working conditions and resources for Filipino teachers by signing their petition.

According to Cerebro data, teachers in the Philippines currently spend a minimum of 400 hours annually outside their paid working hours. “This staggering workload takes a toll on their personal lives, well-being, and ability to provide quality education. It is essential to shed light on this chronic problem, and urgently work towards finding solutions that will empower our teachers to create the best learning experiences for our students,” said Justine Itugot, Founder and CEO of Cerebro.

Itugot emphasizes the importance of supporting Filipino teachers, stating, “No teacher is ever just a teacher. They play multiple roles in the lives of their students, from being cheerleaders and confidantes to disciplinarians and second parents. Because teachers started Cerebro, we understand the immense responsibility and dedication that teachers bring to their classrooms. Being committed to providing them with the tools and resources they need to excel is an advocacy. We feel this deeply because ‘We help teachers teach best’ is in the DNA of Cerebro, given our learning management system and digital content library services.”

Cerebro’s campaign champions the rights of Filipino teachers to an optimal work environment where they are equipped with the time, resources, and support necessary for their own success and that of their students. By drastically easing teachers’ workload, technology allows educators to reclaim valuable time for their personal and social lives while enhancing their ability to personalize instruction, foster engagement, and unlock the full potential of their students.

To support this advocacy and join the call for empowering Filipino teachers, Cerebro invites the public to sign the petition. “By signing, individuals and organizations can lend their voices and show their commitment to improving the working conditions and resources available to our teachers. The petition will be a powerful tool to demonstrate the widespread support for change and will be presented to relevant stakeholders, policymakers, and educational institutions,” said Itugot.

Advocating for optimal working conditions and resources for teachers is crucial and urgent. At least 70% of teachers worldwide feel overworked, and the average teacher spends a minimum of 2 hours per day preparing teaching materials outside their regular working hours. Moreover, 71% of teachers in the National Capital Region and 70% in other regions are facing mental health difficulties.

Cerebro calls on parents, teachers, students, and the public to join the campaign to empower Filipino teachers and sign the petition. “By championing this cause, we can help shine a light on the need to enhance educational systems, cultivate a brighter educational journey for every student, and secure a prosperous future for our nation,” said Itugot.

To join the campaign, sign the petition to empower Filipino Teachers and support optimal working conditions in our educational system. To learn more about Cerebro, visit