LIMA Estate Unveils Smart & Green Transportation System to Advance Sustainable Mobility in the Philippines

Aboitiz InfraCapital (AIC) Economic Estates, a leading developer of smart and sustainable industrial-anchored estates in Asia, has unveiled an ambitious initiative known as RED within its flagship project, LIMA Estate in Batangas, Philippines. This groundbreaking program marks a significant milestone in the country’s industrial development, focusing on decarbonization through an intra-estate transportation system while harnessing the power of smart technology and data science to optimize operations.

Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates unveils the Red Link Electric Shuttle Service Hub at LIMA Estate, a 5-Star BERDE-District Certified development in Lipa-Malvar, Batangas, with esteemed government officials. From left: LTO Asst. Regional Director for Region 4A Joseph Orense, Board Members of the 3rd District of Batangas Alfredo Corona and Rodolfo Balba, AboitizPower Vice President and Chairman of the Enerzone Group Jokin Aboitiz, Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates Vice President for LIMA Operations Clifford Academia, Malvar Mayor Cristeta Cuevas Reyes, Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates Head, and LIMA Land President Rafael Fernandez de Mesa, GET Philippines Inc. President Freddie Tinga, Tanauan City Mayor Nelson Collantes, PEZA Zone Manager Lucky Manas, Chief of Staff of the office of Cong. Ralph Recto of the 6th District of Batangas Atty. Aris Liwag, Malvar Vice Mayor Alberto Lat, LTFRB Region IV-A Director Col. Renwick Rutaquio

At the core of the RED initiative are two integral components: Red Link and Red Pass.

Red Link: This component introduces a fleet of electric mini-buses designed to provide an eco-friendly transportation alternative for both locators and visitors, effectively replacing conventional fuel-powered vehicles that were previously in use at LIMA Estate. AIC Economic Estates is committed to converting its entire service fleet to electric vehicles by 2025.

Red Pass: Building upon this initiative, Red Pass introduces a lifestyle program aimed at enhancing the experience of estate visitors and residents. In its initial phase, it serves as an access card to Red Link, offering seamless estate-wide mobility with just a single tap.

Rafael Fernandez de Mesa, Head of Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates, highlighted the importance of these initiatives, stating, “We are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions by transitioning to EVs and providing sustainable mobility to the tens of thousands of people that pass through LIMA Estate each day. These initiatives form the cornerstone of next-generation cities, enabling us to forge a sustainable future for the communities wherein we operate, as well as for the nation.”

The benefits of Red Link and Red Pass extend to the over 150 locators, its 66,000 employees, as well as the broader LIMA Estate community. The shuttles, which are supplied by Global Electric Transportation, will serve seven different routes within LIMA Estate and will be powered by Aboitiz Power and LIMA EnerZone, which provide fast-charging stations for the EVs’ Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

Red Link is a sustainable transportation solution, replacing traditionally fueled vans with electric minibusses to reduce carbon emissions and provide a more eco-friendly transportation option for residents, workers, and visitors of the LIMA Estate.

Inclusivity is a vital aspect of the initiative, with the electric minibusses equipped with retractable electric ramps for persons with disabilities (PWDs), dedicated wheelchair slots, on-board cameras, display monitors, and on-board WiFi for passenger convenience.

Fernandez de Mesa emphasized the transformative nature of replacing conventional vehicles with electric equivalents, stating, “We are showcasing what sustainable mobility can look like, how it can benefit our communities, and how we can eventually scale and replicate these efforts across the country. In fact, several key locators at LIMA Estate have expressed a strong inclination to embrace the use of Red Link shuttles as a means to enhance employee mobility.”

These pioneering initiatives align with AIC Economic Estates’ mission to instill a sustainability mindset throughout the organization, urging its partners, locators, and host communities to adopt the same standards.

Looking ahead, AIC Economic Estates plans to introduce an additional fleet of Red Link electric vehicles in MEZ2 Estate. Moreover, collaborations with other Aboitiz business units such as UnionBank and Aboitiz’s IdentityScape are in the pipeline to further enhance Red Pass. Future phases of Red Pass will see the access card evolve into a rewards or loyalty card and an e-wallet card.

LIMA Estate has emerged as the blueprint for a smart city, known for its pioneering initiatives and its distinction as the first industrial estate to achieve a 5-star BERDE-district certification from the Philippine Green Building Council. As a leader in the industry, Aboitiz InfraCapital Economic Estates is well-positioned to support the Philippines’ growth, continually innovating, expanding, and transforming their Estates to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated and discerning market. Looking ahead, they remain committed to establishing the Philippines as a preferred investment destination in the region.