FINSI’s quality training programs and people-centered initiatives recognized at the 2023 Asian Telecom Awards

Fiber Infrastructure and Network Services Inc. (FINSI), a subsidiary of the Asticom Group of Companies, was recognized at the recent 2023 Asian Telecom Awards for its efforts to upskill Filipino telecom practitioners and prioritize employee safety.

The engineering and technology solutions provider won the “Technical Training Initiative of the Year” award, which recognizes the company’s people-centered initiatives and commitment to providing quality training programs and knowledge of cutting-edge technology that simulate real-world conditions.

The Asian Telecom Awards acknowledges telco companies that stand out and are able to navigate their way despite various challenges in the market while providing relevant and award-winning products and services to their clients.

“FINSI is honored to receive this award. This recognition is a testament to our dedication to improving the quality of people we deploy on the field and our commitment to employee safety,” said Marc Kerveillant, FINSI General Manager.

FINSI is dedicated to fostering a diverse and skilled workforce that can adapt to the evolving demands of the industry. But beyond technical skills, FINSI offers ladderized programs that help employees develop their people skills, enabling them to advance to higher roles such as trainers and project managers.

FINSI also complies with government-mandated industry standards and ensures that its employees and subcontractors are enrolled in occupational safety and health training programs.

The results of FINSI’s initiatives are impressive, with the company training more than 2,800 people who produced over 300 build teams of upskilled and certified contractors, partner technicians, and field operations specialists. Its efforts are reflected in its rapid deployment of over 147,700 fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) lines in just 15 months.

“At Asticom, our goal has always been to improve people’s lives, and we believe that investing in our people is a key way to achieve that. Through FINSI’s technical training initiatives, we are able to equip our employees and partners with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles,” said Mharicar Castillo-Reyes, Asticom Group of Companies President and CEO.

For instance, FINSI was quick to mobilize its team to help restore over 19,000 communication lines in the wake of Typhoon Odette in December 2021, providing crucial connectivity so affected residents can contact their loved ones.  This also helped local government units and rescue teams in their relief and recovery operations.

FINSI’s comprehensive training programs prepare its employees to take on a wide array of projects. This versatility enables it to provide a full spectrum of services, contributing to the development of the nation’s technological landscape.

“We are excited to enter new industries and offer our expertise to the Electric Vehicle and tower industries. Our team has a proven track record of providing engineering and tech solutions, and we are confident that our services will add value to these industries,” said Kerveillant.

FINSI’s mission is to bridge people by accelerating connectivity nationwide through innovative solutions and services. With expertise in telecommunications and expansion in the energy and infrastructure industries, FINSI contributes to the improvement of the Filipino technological infrastructure and its status on the global stage.

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