Jetti dives into Taclobo Conservation with Bohol’s local community.

Jetti Petroleum Inc. – Integrated Marketing Team, together with BEMO (Bohol Environment Management Office) are working together to preserve and restock one of the Philippine’s unique endangered sea animals; The “Tridacna Gigas”, the world’s  largest of all bivalve mollusks, locally also known as “Taclobo”. 

The importance of Giant Clam restocking and conservation.

The Tridacna Giga species, was once abundant in the Pacific waters of the Coral Triangle, including the Philippines. Due to their impressive appearance, decorative value and meat, their numbers have since greatly been reduced and are now listed in the Appendix II of the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna, classified as vulnerable on the International Union of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List.

The Philippines once recorded a Tridacana Gigas clam at the size of 136.9cm (4.49 ft) in length, weighing more than 400 lbs. These giant clams inhabit clear, unpolluted and shallow coral reef waters and are important to the reef ecosystem. They have the ability to counteract excessive algal growth by filtering the algae off the water, for a healthier ocean reef ecosystem, helping to filter ocean waters, recycle nutrients and provide food for a habitat for small organisms particularly in the scales of its shells, which help form coral reef structures.

Last October 19, 2022, Jetti’s Taclobo Conservation program kicked off its restocking program with BEMO and the community of Sta. Filomena, Alburquerque, Bohol where

100 juvenile taclobos were placed 65 meters offshore in enclosed protective netted cages. The  community of Sta. Filomena, Albur, will be taking part in ensuring the protection of  this sanctuary against poachers and together with representatives of Bohol’s Environment office, will monitor the growth and care of these growing giant clams. 

“Conservation of one of our natural national treasures, remains at the heart of our advocacy, especially if it helps empower local communities to take part.” Virgilio Montinola, Jetti’s Corporate Communications Manager in coordination with the Integrated Marketing Team expressed at the restocking program launch attended by the Mayor of Alburqurque, Bohol, Hon. Don Ritchie P. Buates, Brgy. Capt. of Albur- Hon.-Ranulfo Bitoy, PO. Chairman of Sta. Filomena, Albur- Mr. Abundio H. Manugas,  BEMO’s CRM Division head,Ms. Ma. Villa I. Pelendingue and Ms. Jovencia B. Ganub, EnP OIC together with both Jetti,  BEMO, and other Albur community representatives.

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