9 Things Every Traveler Should Pack In Their First Aid or Survival Kit

Everyone desires to travel, especially after a worldwide pandemic. Almost everyone is eager to pack their belongings and plan the most memorable summer experience possible. Some may be looking for a beach vacation, while others may be looking for a new type of adventure.

Being in a new and refreshing place is a great way to escape your daily life and stress. It gives you a break that you need to relax and unwind. Traveling can be fun, but if you don’t take care of yourself and your loved ones, it could just be tragic.

For most of us in the When in Visayas team, the ultimate dream is to travel around the world. However, before launching our ticket to the other side of the planet, we would like to share the importance and need to know what to pack inside the special travel kit that must be handy for a traveler. If you’re hoping to have an incredible journey, you will need a few essentials in every package.

Let the When in Visayas team help you by providing you with a checklist of what I think are all the essential stuff that is needed in your kit.

1. Gauzes and Bandages

Do not risk being unprepared; instead, stock your bag with the necessary tools to assist you in an emergency. Trust yourself; you’ll feel better knowing you have enough supplies for the duration of the trip.

Bandages and gauze are essential components of any first-aid travel kit. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all are necessary for providing first aid care. It can cover small cuts to head injuries. Of course, the length of the bandage is determined by the extent of the damage. You can purchase a dressing that already contains an antibiotic ointment. Rest assured that it will keep your wound from becoming infected.

2. Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are critical in preventing bacterial infection in both you and the injured victim. It increases the level of trust between the two parties. As a lifesaver, you will be immune to any harmful but undiagnosed illness of the victim. Nonetheless, the ultimate goal of medical gloves is to prevent the transmission of blood, bodily fluids, or infection from one person to the next. It does not increase the risk of wound infection.

So, if you want to keep one in your kit, get a white or blue medical glove. A dark-colored glove may be too difficult and complex for a non-professional. It will also be challenging to determine the severity of the wound if it is dark or black. Also, the material should be considered because some people are allergic to latex. As a result, you may want to buy a pair of latex gloves in addition to a nitrate glove.

3. Essential Oils

Essential oils are essential for any summer trip, as any mother knows. It does provide a familiar sense of relief and comfort. It gives off the impression of relieving the pressure from headaches and aching muscles.

When you see an elderly person with a tiny bottle of essential oil in her wallet or purse, they will tell you how organic and cost-effective this type of pain reliever is. It assists them in falling asleep and relieves stress caused by outside factors. This is the reason why it is one of essential things to include in your first aid kit when traveling with your loved ones.

4. Eye Dropper

When planning to travel far from home, use an eyewash solution to remove any eye irritation. It will help you clear your vision and relieve any discomfort caused by the foreign object. In any environment, small debris or dust particles can become lodged in your eyes. Get eye protection by purchasing a solution that can flush out anything that might cause eye irritation. It is small and convenient, so it will easily fit into your pocket-friendly bag.

5. Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes are one item you should not forget to include in your first aid kit. It is a critical supply capable of instantly killing germs. It is used to sterilize tools used to treat wounds, such as scissors and tweezers. It may also be used to tidy the hands before touching the wound’s surrounding area. Antibacterial wipes help to reduce the risk of infection, so ensure that you understand how to use them correctly.

6. Instant Cold Packs

Instant cold packs are a valuable medical tool that you should always keep in your first aid travel kit. It is a disposable cold pack that can quickly become cold if not placed in the freezer. All you have to do to activate them is squeeze them tightly and start shaking them until the chemicals do their work.

7. Self-Adhesive Wrap

When you have a couple of self-adhesive wraps in your first aid travel kit, there’s no need to be concerned. It can wrap around a sore knee or ankle in an unexpected accident.

It does not need safety pins or surgical tapes to close because it can just now hold the two ends together and speed up the healing process. Include this in your packing list if your summer vacation will involve physical or outdoor activity.

8. Surgical Or Medical Tape

It is unusual to have bandages and gauze but no surgical tape to secure them. A bandage’s companion in wrapping minor injuries is surgical or medical tape. It safeguards the dressing to prevent dirt from entering the open wound or is designed to be used as a tape. It’s also worth noting that surgical tapes are simple to start removing from the skin without leaving any irritation or adhesive marks.

9. Small Scissors

When traveling domestically or internationally, scissors are essential for first aid kits, kitchenware, and school materials. It can perform a variety of tasks, from slicing garments to increasing access to the lesion to cutting bandages or gauze. Additionally, it has the ability to open medicine containers or remove applications from the damaged area and replace them with new ones.

As we can all learn from any disaster movie, a travel first aid kit is one of the first things you should keep in your bag. This kit is necessary and comforting when you get injured while on your trip.

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