MSMEs thrive with digital allies Globe Business and DTI eCommerce through new webinar series “Reaching Breakthroughs”

As today’s economic climate continues to pose new challenges to micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), business owners may find themselves wondering, “How do I lead my team and my business through these constantly changing times? Where do I find the right market opportunities? What digital solutions are best suited for my needs and for the challenges that may crop up?”

Entrepreneurs can find the answers to these questions, and more, by attending the webinar series “Reaching Breakthroughs,” hosted by Globe Business and Department of Trade and Industry eCommerce office (DTIECO). The webinar series is part of the “Saludo SME ” initiative, which aims to achieve three key things: salute and reward MSMEs’ relentless entrepreneurial spirit; provide them continuous upskilling; and help them to continuously go beyond their perceived boundaries.

“This webinar series is an enablement platform where business owners can sharpen their expertise through Globe Business’ learning programs, so they can stay a step ahead and cultivate continuous growth,  and achieve breakthrough success.” says KD Dizon, Globe Business MSME Group Head.

DTIECO, on the other hand, is one of the many pillars of the DTI that focuses on how MSMEs can expand in the digital space. The department covers MSME developments, consumer protection, export promotion, intellectual property and more. Their main goals include the formulation and implementation of e-commerce policies, development of e-commerce strategies and encourage active participation in local and international e-commerce organizations and activities. Globe Business continues to strengthen its partnership with DTI to provide MSMEs opportunities and resources to embrace their digital journey.

In the first two episodes of the webinar, Francis Kong, one of the most respected business leaders and motivational speakers of our time, discussed how ideas are the currency of the future and how MSMEs can utilize their ideas to thrive in the current digital economy. He also gave practical tips on how to overcome change in the midst of instability; how to build a strategy that will grow, stabilize, and sustain business even in tough times.

Meanwhile, Rizza Lana, owner of IO Innovative Outcomes Corporation, the company behind beloved local brands Lana PH, Mink PH, Talaala PH, Whim Manila, and Ambush Clothing, gave practical tips on the importance of having a “brand voice” and “brand persona” to stand out in a crowded market where consumers are constantly bombarded by brand messages on social media.

Last August 2, Lazada’s Head of Strategic Partnerships for Business Development George Tongol, talked about how sellers can stand out in a marketplace of thousands, and ensure their visibility and acquire preference from its target audience. On August 16, Ryan Cruz, founder and CEO of Nippon Hasha, Inc. (Ramen Yushoken, Mendokoro Ramenba, Marudori) and AOJ Umai Restaurant & Cafe, Inc. (Kazunori Japanese Restaurant) will close the series by talking about ensuring top-notch customer service online and offline, and improving operational efficiencies through digital solutions.

To support MSMEs’ continued success, Dizon said, “We hope that our customers will be able to gain the insights they need through the thought leaders we are featuring in this webinar, to further flourish with Globe Business as their trusted digital solutions partner. By doing so, we also aim to shape the business leaders of tomorrow who will be the subject matter experts in their own fields.”

The webinar series is streamed live on the Facebook pages of both Globe Business and DTI Ecommerce. For participants interested to join the next sessions, sign up now using this link.