Meet Love K Derma: Marian Rivera’s Newest Companion in Stepping Up Her Beauty Game at Home!

Our newest brand ambassador, Ms. Marian Rivera approves that Love K Derma has been an amazing companion in her home during the pandemic! Why? Because Love K-Derma has helped her achieve that youthful glow as she ages gracefully! Truly, aging is inevitable. The biggest misconception at 40 is that this is the age to use sunscreens, skincare, and anti-aging products. However, most people don’t realize that at the age of 21, our body already stops producing collagen by 1% every year! But don’t you worry, Love K Derma is here to help you!

Love K Derma is the first Korean line here in the Philippines to produce facial care gadgets that are perfect for every person out there wanting to have that youthful glow, reduce wrinkles, lighten dark spots, and other skin problems. LED Light originally was discovered by NASA and was used to heal wounds which also reduced cancer patients’ side effects. Derma clinics have been using this method for over 5 years to restore and regenerate skin cells. Korea, being the top manufacturer of skincare worldwide started making these gadgets, just as we see our favorite Oppa use in his K-Drama Series. However, the pandemic has limited people to go out and have their pamper time, this is why Love K Derma brought the products to the Philippines to offer a variety of facial care gadgets to the Filipinos wanting to achieve that Korean glow while in the comfort of your home. 

Do you know what product is perfect for you? Here is a list of products Love K Derma offers you.

Love K Derma’s LED Light Mask

You may have encountered different light masks on your derma session and pay one light per session. Love K Derma’s LED Light Mask not only has 4 colors as you see in the market but has 7 Colors perfect for each problem you may have on your skin. This light mask is an encapsulated LED mask that also has a built-in voice function to let you know the remaining time of the treatment you are having. Lastly, protecting your eyes from the light should be the top priority since this light may hurt your eyes exposed for a certain amount of time, which Love K Derma ensures protection for your eyes as it is built with an eye shield.

Brighten up your skin with this all-in-one mask!

Love K Derma’s LED Face Lift Wand

Many of you may have seen this on different shopping sites and are curious about its effectiveness on the skin and how it will help you achieve that glow. Our LED Face Lift Wand comes with benefits that are a “must add” to your skincare routine. The RF or Radiofrequency, LED Light Technology, and EMS or the Electromagnetic stimulation that stimulates nerve endings and cause muscles to contract which helps you reduce facial fat, improve skin texture, regenerate skin cells, lessens wrinkles, helps reduce dark spots, contours your face to achieve that V Shape Face.

Love K Derma’s Eye Lift Wand

The earliest sign of aging is on the eyes and to prevent or delay this, Love K Derma’s Eye Lift Wand ensures three things when you use this: Reduces Wrinkles, Dark Circles and Puffiness. With its red and blue light function and vibration technology combined with the Cloudless eye cream, it is most effective to reduce your fine wrinkles and dark circles.

Love K Derma’s Face Brush

Exfoliation should always be part of your skincare routine weekly to remove impurities and clogged pores on your skin. Love K-Derma’s Face Brush has a dual bristle design that gently exfoliates your dry and oily skin to bring out your skin’s natural glow and it is made out of 100% medical grade silicone which deep cleanses your skin. Plus, its charging cradle can last up to 6 months only after one charge. 

Love K Derma’s V Lift Mask

Achieve that Contoured Facial Structure through our V-Lift Mask which is made out of cosmic tension fabric to tighten your skin and reduce fat to show a more defined jawline. Pair this with our LED Face Lift Wand and achieve a healthy, youthful, and V-Shaped Face in no time!

The best thing about Love K Derma is that it doesn’t just produce facial care gadgets but its innovation in skincare is surely a must-have in your skincare stash. Each gadget has its serum or moisturizer to help your skin achieve its fullest glow. Combining the products to achieve your best skin in your own home.

Achieve your Dream Skin now. Love K Derma’s got you!

Check out and bring home your best companion!