Take photos, videos, and selfies to the next level with the vivo V23 Series

Its 50MP dual front camera, customized JNV sensor, and other class-topping features are perfect for today’s highly creative Gen Z’s

It can’t be denied that thanks to advances in technology, we now find ourselves in the selfie and vlogging generation, where churning out your own immersive content – both photos and videos – has become the norm. Be it OOTDs, travel pics in culture-rich destinations, or taking a shot of a sumptuous meal for your food blog, everyone can truly be their own online multimedia powerhouse!

That said, while today’s content creators aim to have professional, magazine level or studio-like output – for more likes, followers, and engagement – not everyone has the resources to invest in high-end equipment like a DSLR camera and lights. But not to fret! With the vivo V23 series of amazing smartphones, today’s extremely creative yet budget conscious Gen Z’s can achieve that desired look and feel whenever and wherever they shoot: sleek and edgy; allowing them to express their hues by capturing life’s best moments.

An ultra-powerful dual front camera

Let’s begin with the V23’s 50MP vlogging dual front camera. As the most powerful dual front camera in the market today, striking a pose and capturing stunning, poster-level selfies can easily be achieved. How is this done?  Along with its industry-leading MP, the customized JNV sensor and its superior camera light sensitivity offers additional lighting which feels like there is always a ring light when photos are taken.

Take the spotlight even at night

Suddenly find yourself in a rather dark environment? The V23’s front cam dual flashlights/spotlights are there to easily and comfortably brighten up faces, giving users less time doing post-processing of their photos. Similarly, with the AI Extreme Night Portrait mode, users no longer have to be held back when shooting in extremely low-light conditions, giving them the power and flexibility to experiment and create powerful night time images.

Next-level selfies

At long last, no one gets left out when taking group photos with family and friends, thanks to the V23’s super wide-angle camera – everyone now stays within the frame!

What’s more, the V23 also takes selfies to the next level even in low light conditions with its exclusive four dual-tone spotlight that come with three effects: warm, cool and mixed. And then, there’s the AI HD Portrait + Natural Portrait feature and its wide array of beautification effects for that breezy fashion model and runway look.

Camera rolling – action!

Bring out that Hollywood director in you with the V23 series. Its eye-tracking auto focus ensures that the camera constantly follows the subject when shooting while its ultra-stabilization feature puts an end to shaky or blurred shots especially while in motion or in action.

#V23AuthenticYou Tiktok livestream event

As part of the ongoing V23 Series launch, not to be missed is the #V23AuthenticYouTiktok livestream event featuring Miss Universe Philippines top 16 finalist Ayn Bernos. Happening on February 25, 2022, at 6PM, exciting prizes are up for grabs for those who watch and participate.

Indeed, with the V23’s outstanding range of features, taking professional photos and videos is in the palm of your hands. So go ahead – express yourself and your hues!

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