Bath 2x a Day: Your Best Protection from Germs and Bacteria

The COVID-19 pandemic has made Filipinos resort to gimmicky tips and tricks have in hopes of keeping oneself and families safe — mixing alcohol with other cleaning substances, use of natural products with unproven effectiveness, and utilizing cleaning tools for their unintended use. However, the best solution to keep germs and bacteria away is simpler and easier than any trick.

Backed by experts, taking a bath is still one of our best health defenses. Doubling down on proper hygiene helps keep ourselves safe and assures that those around us are kept safe, too.

The Department of Health in collaboration with Procter & Gamble Philippines, encourages the public to take a bath twice a day — once before leaving the household and again after being outside. By fighting the spread of germs with proper hygiene, everyone can help save lives like a superhero.

Bathman, Saving Filipinos One Bath at a Time

Introducing, Bathman — an extraordinary superhero who fights health threats by taking a bath 2x a day — before leaving the household and when he arrives back. His mission is to make sure every Filipino is also taking a bath twice a day, helping him fight germs and protecting more people from the harm caused by the invisible enemy.

You can be your own Bathman too by equipping yourself with the power of Safeguard. Safeguard has Infinishield Technology that slows down the regrowth of germs, bacteria, and fungi after every wash. This not only ensures protection against common illnesses but prevents body odor as well. Infinishield is an active ingredient that makes Safeguard uniquely effective at preventing the growth of disease-causing germs on your loved ones long after hand washing. After using Safeguard, Infinishield+ leaves behind particles that create a protective shield against disease-causing germs with up to 24 hours of protection.

Arm yourself with the power of Head & Shoulders too that cleanses the scalp and fights germs, giving you up to 100% dandruff and itch protection.

Be Your Own Bathman with an Invisible Protective Shield

With more people being vaccinated, people are starting to let their guard down. They start to go outside more, return to old habits, and loosen up on hygiene practices. But the health threat is still out there, and it will only manifest days later. No one is immune from the germs and bacteria that are multiplying as time passes by. Strap yourself with the invisible protection that quality hygiene products like Safeguard, and Head & Shoulders provide against germs, bacteria, and fungi.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your health. And take a bath, man! Have your health armor delivered straight to your doorstep. Safeguard and Head & Shoulders products are available at Lazada, and Shopee.