They say that dogs are man’s bestfriend, and yes definitely true. For me they’re not only bestfriends, but they are like my children, through night and day, beside me, eating, doing the things I love and all, my dogs are my babies.

Since they are with me and treating them like my own family, they also need the right kind of food for dogs. Just like us, humans, we eat healthy foods for us to stay in energy like veggies and fruits, so like our pets, and there is one brand of dog food that I can actually say a complete package meal for my fur babies..

PEDIGREE. It consists of meat, chicken, whiskas dry, and other important This product is actually made for our dogs, and it has the right ingredients which gives them enough nutrients only made for them. Biggest thanks to them for they have created a brand like this that has been very useful.

Now, there is PAWSsion

PAWSsion Project Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in distress. They currently house more than 300 cats and dogs in their Bulacan and Bacolod shelters.

From here, this organization and Pedigree will collab to be able to gather donations for those fur babies who lost their homes.

From August 26-28 purchase any products from the PEDIGREE® Official Store on Shopee and 10% of purchases will be donated as meals to shelter pets at PAWSsion Project Foundation Inc. Isn’t it amazing? Such a brilliant idea and the love for our pets has always been a great signs showing our care for them.

So what are we waiting for, let us support Pedigree and PAWSsion Project, through purchasing their products, and little earnings will go to their foundation and will truly be a big help to those little fur babies that are homeless and yet need to be loved. 

Lastly, where else can we find PEDIGREE easily? Only from our online friendly store, SHOPEE. Visit their website http://shopee.ph/mobile and go purchase your own for our cute little babies.

Support PAWSsion Project, Pedigree and Shopee!