Face Republic. For a Fresher, Beautiful You.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? ” I guess that we all know this very famous line from one of our favorite classic Disney movie. But if we will connect or maybe convert those lines into something fresh and new, then we can exactly relate it to our skin. Right?

Then how about starting and ending your day right with having a glow, fair, and bright skin? Now here is your chance to take another step of trying another beauty set to make us fresh and glowing all the time. I have given again a privilege to blog /vlog and use this product called FACE REPUBLIC. Yes, you’ve read it right. The brand name seems to be so unique for me, and that is the first observation on my list.

To start of, let me begin with the packaging. The colors of the boxes is very environmental, because of the green one, it is a big factor that will catch the attention of many. Mostly, if you’ve seen a set of rejuvinating skin care projects, what is the usual color of it? Pink, right? Very feminine indeed and that’s correct. But for FACE REPUBLIC, they gave a new flavor of color to it, which is color green. And so for me it’s a big check because it is very relaxing. In addition to that, when I did the photoshoot, I see to it that there is also a touch of green on the background. I’m sure you guys will gonna love it! Promise.

Then let’s go to the next, the application. Of course we need to try it on our face, to prove that FACE REPUBLIC is something to be proud of. From the toner, it gives me a feeling of relaxation. I think it has a minimial ingredient or light maybe because it will not give you a feeling of irritation once you’ve applied it on your skin. “Ok naman siya gamitin, hindi siya ganon katapang at hindi mahapdi kapag pinapahid na at hindi masakit sa balat.”

Then for the Serum, based on my observation, when I applied it, it’s like my skin is stretching or there is a feeling of” binabanat ang mukha ko”. I guess thats the effect, but after that it feels normal again, like nothing happened.

Then the cream is like an ordinary one for me. No feeling of irritation or something. It feels good.

Lastly is the viva gel moisturizer, this product, is the one that you need to apply every morning, right after the toner. Its like the other moisturizer also because it is okay for me. There is no feeling of something after applying on it.

This kind of rejuvinating beauty set is an all day application. From morning till bedtime, there is a certain one or product assigned to apply on our skin and for me we need to be very careful, do it in a relaxed way so we can feel the effectivity of it. Some of us may have sensitive skin and not everyone can just easily use it. But if we are vain conscious, then we may try it. Lets just be very careful.

The final verdict for me on trying FACE REPUCLIC is  okay and safe. It has no side effects and it is recommendable. The price also, is reasonable.

And where else can we find and buy this product? Just visit our friendly online store, SHOPPEE! The one stop shop online store that will give us a younger, beautiful life. So guys, try this latest product, FACE REPUBLIC, for a fresher, beautiful you.