Healthy habits to teach our children as we spend more time indoors

As we go through quarantine, we’re all confined inside our own homes. We suddenly find more time for us to explore hobbies, and even learn new skills. While we spend more time more time indoors, us parents should take advantage of this opportunity and teach our healthy habits, which they could continue doing come their adult lives.

Here are some small, but healthy habits we could teach our children during this quarantine:

  • Cleaning up after oneself.

Cleaning up after oneself proves to be an effective skill that will be useful for their adult lives. We may not like it, but our children will soon live on their own. Teaching our kids how to clean up after oneself will make it easier for them to take care of themselves in the future.

Parents could start instilling this healthy habit with the simple making up of one’s bed as soon as they wake up. Once this is instilled – we could also teach them how to clean up after eating, and even washing the plates after. With this, you will also teach your kids responsibility and allow them to help with some household chores.

  • Handwashing.

In light with recent events, handwashing is more important than ever. Teach children the proper handwashing technique – make sure they clean their thumbs, as well as the space in between their fingers. Teach them as well when should they wash their hands – before eating, after going to the restroom, and all the appropriate times to prevent the spread of illnesses.

  • Regular vitamin-intake.

We often overlook the importance of vitamins – admittedly, some parents believe that vitamins are important, but will only give vitamins to their children when they’re about to be sick, or when it’s flu season. Take advantage of this time and teach the healthy habit of vitamin-intake. Vitamins provide an extra armor of protection against illnesses they may contract outside. This habit will likely stick if attached to a family affair such as mealtime or before playtime. By doing so, mommies could be assured that the whole family is protected as they take vitamins together.

Celebrity mommy Bianca Gonzales has recently been sharing on how she develops this habit with her family and teaching her child, Lucia, the importance of vitamins to strengthen immunity. The family currently drinks vitamins together as part of their family mealtime.

During these trying times, having strong immunity is more important than ever. Make sure to drink vitamins that has Zinc, like Multivitamins + Zinc (Cecon Plus), to help strengthen immunity and have an extra armor of protection against illnesses that is around the environment. Stay safe and stay indoors – purchase your extra armor of protection online. Ascorbic Acid (Cecon) is available online via Mercury Drug Online, Watsons, and Southstar Drug.