Fujitsu Reimagines Path to Post-Covid Prosperity with Global Initiative Fujitsu Limited

  • Fujitsu outlines the post-Covid road to recovery and prosperity – powered by digital tools and services
  • Focus on three key areas: customer experience, everyday operations, and employee experience
  • Delivering a digital employee experience that acknowledges the new realities is key, says Fujitsu

Fujitsu is enabling enterprises to reimagine their post-Covid future with a global campaign highlighting how enterprises can not only survive but prosper as they adapt to new business realities.

Fujitsu is working hand in hand with customers to adjust to the rapid shift to remote working, with the Covid-19 pandemic having clearly accelerated the importance of digital transformation – putting the topic on the top of the business agenda for organizations of all sizes, and at all levels of digital maturity.

As Fujitsu supported customers around the world in adjusting to new working styles, service levels in its eight Global Delivery Centers never skipped a beat. Fujitsu maintained service level agreements against a 19% surge in customer requests for support – with enormous increases in calls for support around setting up VPNs and establishing secure remote access to corporate systems.

Now Fujitsu is outlining its vision of the road to prosperity – with a new Reimagine initiative highlighting the digital tools and services that Fujitsu is providing to help shape customers’ future business outlook in three key areas: customer experience, everyday operations, and employee experience.

Organizations looking at post-Covid recovery must be able to deliver a digital employee experience that acknowledges the new realities. Employee experience should be at the heart of decisions and investments that will determine the future normal – as well as empowering employees to remain productive when working from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Taeko Yamamoto, Chief Marketing Officer at Fujitsu says: “Businesses are facing an increase in complexity and uncertainty in the post-Covid world, combined with an increase in pace. For any organization looking not only to survive but to thrive in the post-Covid world, reimagining business operations is key. Getting back to growth quickly requires businesses to apply the hard lessons of the lockdowns – to expand, scale and build on the best practices they were forced to adopt, to ensure they emerge stronger, able to pivot quickly and deal with any form of unforeseen disruption in the future. Enabling our customers to achieve this is at the heart of Fujitsu’s Reimagine initiative.”

Delivering the best possible service to end customers is a priority

For Fujitsu’s customers, improved decision-making is key to reimagining operations to deliver the best possible service – and data is critical to this. Organizations can reap the benefits of automation through establishing or upgrading secure but agile foundations to automate processes and procedures capable of serving the demands of new business models – to deliver the experiences that customers are demanding.

Automation enables retailers to present only products that are in stock, to set customer expectations on back-order items through showing time to availability, and to immediately initiate offers on smart production lines. Manufacturers, meanwhile, can automatically order new stock when threshold levels are reached or ‘hard-to-predict’ spikes in demand are forecast. In the financial services sector, automation enables real-time advice, from everyday transactions to major life decisions, like mortgages.

In working with customers to drive automation, Fujitsu focuses on augmenting traditional processes and supply chains while also making them resilient to future disruption or unpredictable events, as well as ensuring that pace and agility become the norm in everything an organization does – simultaneously handling the underlying complexity involved with adopting new business models, technologies and finding new ways of working on top of – and to replace – existing models.

When it comes to employee experience, Fujitsu is enabling customers to benefit from the upside of lockdown – transferring this new business agility to other situations that may require widespread remote working. In future, regardless of the predicament, organizations will be able to just carry on working. For organizations still exploring their options, Fujitsu’s Results Chain investment optimization tool balances investment costs against business benefits.