Over the past decade, third-party food delivery apps like GrubHub have become immensely popular. They are increasingly the first choice of consumers to order food. Should they be the top choice, however? Should consumers be using the apps and websites of their favorite websites instead? Below is a comparison of Papa John’s and GrubHub’s apps.

The main advantage GrubHub has to offer is that you can place orders from a variety of restaurants. Papa John’s, as with any first-party app, is only helpful for ordering from the brand’s restaurants. Conversely, GrubHub lets you find and order from dozens of restaurants or more around you.

GrubHub offers both its own delivery option and the choice of the restaurant delivering the food. It can provide some helpful information such as updates on the delivery progress. The app also has some specials at local restaurants. However, these are often more limited than the deals offered directly by the eateries.

Whether you want to order heart shaped pizza delivery for Valentine’s Day or a pizza for the big game, you could use GrubHub to do it. However, you may be better served by Papa John’s app.

Papa John’s App

It is often better to order from a first-party app because the deals are better and there is more information available. This is especially true of the Papa John’s app. It is the best option for finding the cheapest pizza specials. Unlike GrubHub, the app has all the best deals available from each of the brand’s restaurants.

Additionally, you can earn rewards from Papa John’s just for ordering pizza. These points can help you earn free pizzas, sides, drinks and more. Simply ordering what you would order anyway earns rewards. That is a pretty good deal for anyone who loves pizza.

The information is much clearer on Papa John’s app compared to GrubHub. This is simply because the brand’s first-party app has better access to each restaurant’s details. For example, if you want to track pizza order, the status information is more in-depth and clearer on Papa John’s app compared to any third-party alternative.

The ordering process is also better designed around pizza orders. Again, GrubHub has to work for a diverse variety of restaurant types. While the user experience is fine, it can be slow for ordering your favorite pizzas. Papa John’s app makes it easier to place your favorite pizza orders.


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