Reboxing with Mari, Erwan, and Moira

Mari Jasmine, Erwan Heusaff, and Moira Dela Torre join Carousell’s
Reboxing campaign to launch its new tagline “Everyone Wins”

Curious to know what everyday items celebrities Mari Jasmine, Erwan Heussaff, and Moira Dela Torre love the most?

Take a glimpse into their world through the items they once loved, and even get a chance to own these as they participate in Carousell Philippines’ Reboxing campaign.

The campaign is part of Carousell’s new tagline launch, “Everyone Wins,” where winning can be as simple as both sides getting a great deal, or as meaningful as finding new connections and realizing ambitions.

As part of the launch, Carousell’s partner celebrities will put their pre-loved items in boxes and give these away through a consumer contest on the Carousell app. Food, fitness, and travel vlogger Erwan will rebox some of his favorite cooking equipment. Television host and model Mari Jasmine will give away travel essentials and a trip to Siargao which she will be joining. Singer-songwriter Moira will be giving away her old guitar and treat the winner to a private jamming session.

According to Carousell Philippines general manager Raffy Montemayor, the Reboxing campaign is a great way to dramatize the meaning behind the company’s new tagline, “Everyone Wins.”

“Passing on a pre-loved item to another user who actually searched for it in the Carousell app is a situation where everyone wins. The seller is able to pass on an item he once loved for a minimal price, and the buyer gets something he really needs without spending so much. In the process, they not only close a good deal, they also forge a connection with someone whose interests are similar to theirs,” he said.

To join the Reboxing movement, Carousell users can post a comment on the rebox listing detailing why the items in the chosen rebox will matter to them. At the end of the contest, Carousell will pick the best comment and declare the winner for each of the boxes.

You can support the cause by interacting on any of the social media posts under the hashtag #EveryoneWins. You may also be part of the movement by passing on your item to someone who may benefit from it. Simply list your own box to the Carousell app at ₱0 with the hashtag #EveryoneWins, share it on your own social media channel, and nominate three friends by tagging them to keep the ball rolling!

Carousell’s Reboxing campaign also aims to approach sustainability in a socially relevant manner – instead of unboxing new things, and consequently adding to the waste, these celebrities are reboxing pre-loved items that will go towards helping someone experience new possibilities.

Get a chance to own the items these celebrities once loved to be loved again only at Carousell Philippines’ website or through their app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.