Top 3 Mods for Yamaha TT-R230

Off-road biking is a unique form of fun. You get to be outside, often surrounded by nature and flying around on your bike. For many people, the Yamaha TT-R230 is the perfect bike for this. It has a bit of power but is gentle and sufficiently easy to handle for anyone to enjoy it. Of course, some people want to get a little extra performance by replacing the stock genuine Yamaha TT-R230 parts.

1) K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filter

If you are going to make a single modification to any project vehicle, it has to be the air filter. Engines need to breathe in air to make power. After all, oxygen is an essential ingredient for igniting fuel. Most standard air filters inhibit the inflow of air. A high-performance alternative can instantly help you create a few extra horsepower.

K&N may be the best option for performance air filters. They increase airflow and are available for just about every bike you can imagine. Furthermore, they are reusable and cleanable. So, you don’t need to keep buying new air filters.

Better yet, this modification is so simple, anyone can do it. All you need is some basic tools to access the airbox and to swap out the two air filters.

2) FMF PowerCore 4 Slip-On With Spark Arrestor

As much as engines need to breathe in air, they also need to be able to push out exhaust fumes. Most stock exhausts are not designed for high-performance.

The FMF PowerCore 4 is a slip-on muffler that will increase the outflow of exhaust gases from your engine. It will help you achieve an immediate boost to torque and horsepower. It is also very durably built, making it ideal for off-road use.

Additionally, the PowerCore 4 features a spark arrestor. This can be helpful is your engine is very running rich. The screen-type arrestor doesn’t inhibit exhaust flow. It will also help keep the exhaust tip a little cleaner, so you won’t get any dirt on your casual wear.

3) BikeMaster Sintered Brake Pads

Horsepower and torque are great, but they aren’t very helpful in off-road riding without control. Upgraded brake pads will help you get the stopping power you need to take on the tightest turns. BikeMaster Sintered Brake Pads are the perfect upgrade for a Yamaha TT-R230.

They improved friction and stopping power significantly over stock. Additionally, they are more heat resistant, so you won’t experience fade later in your riding session. Built to last, these brake pads will also keep up with you no matter how much punishment you throw at them.

BikeMaster offers pads designed for specific models. Therefore, they are always easy to fit perfectly.

Get Started

The next time you are on the trail with your Yamaha TT-R230, you could be riding on a bike you’ve worked on yourself. There is nothing quite as rewarding as that. Get started by picking up some new parts online. Check out some street motorcycle riding gear while you’re at it. You may as well look good on your bike too. Get your parts and accessories today.